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# Suwanda Coffey - (770)-583-2528 ext. 639 - scoffey@garesa.org

Math Mentor Program

The Math Mentor Program provides professional learning and assistance to districts/schools in their region as needed, with consideration for:

1. Developing or revisiting the district/school data-driven strategic plan to improve mathematics performance as demonstrated on state mathematics assessments;

2. Building capacity among teachers to strengthen their conceptual understanding of content within a grade band or course sequence;

3. Building capacity among teachers to develop common mathematics assessments (including benchmark and formative assessments), to adjust instruction, and to determine progress toward readiness for state summative assessments and subsequent courses.

4. Working with teachers in disaggregating data by student subgroups;

5. Building capacity among teachers to collaboratively develop unit/lesson plans for mathematics courses;

6. Building capacity among teachers to collaboratively ensure the fidelity of the RtI/MTSS Tier II interventions, including the appropriate use of resources, interventions, and assessments crafted for the Foundations of Algebra course and unit/lesson plans for Mathematics support courses which emphasize vocabulary acquisition, previewing/acceleration, appropriate technology integration, strategies for differentiation, and "just in time" remediation;

7. Collaborating with system and school representatives on an ongoing basis to provide progress on the strategic plan for mathematics.